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Dear Mountain Vista Families, Parents and Community,

As we move out of fall break and into the second quarter of the 2017-18 school year, I wanted to share some thoughts, updates and information in review of the first nine weeks and look forward to the busy months ahead. It is a little scary how quickly the time has gone but amazing to consider all that has been accomplished in that time.  

For those who use data as a means to evaluate performance, the numbers indicate that Vista is truly one of the top academic schools in the state. Our composite assessment scores (PSAT, SAT, ACT) place MVHS significantly ahead of state and district averages and show ongoing growth and improvement in five year trend reports. Recent school performance frameworks from the Colorado Department of Education place us at the very top of DCSD and in the top 5 percent of all high schools in Colorado. We are really proud of the Post Secondary-Workforce Readiness numbers included in the SPF as the 100 percent rating is evidence that our kids are excelling in their time at Vista! We are also very proud of a successful internal focus on sustainable learning through outstanding instruction. Our staff is committed to providing the best educational experience possible for students and our goals for the year are structured around the philosophy of “every kid, every class, every day.” Our current staff development model is the best I have seen (over all these years!) and the individual commitment to continuing to learn and grow as professionals has been impressive.  

Our comprehensive philosophy encourages excellence in and out of the classroom. So far this year, the involvement and success of our athletics and activities have been phenomenal. We have huge numbers of students participating in all of our sports, activities and clubs. The inclusive opportunity for so many to perform and compete has translated into unbelievable overall win-loss records, top rankings for multiple programs, incredible musical and theatrical performances, beautiful art and dedicated efforts in preparing for future events and competitions. It is rare for a school to be doing so well academically, athletically, in the arts and in numerous activities.

I think we should all feel great about the fact that Vista’s students and staff seem to be working harder than ever to expand and improve our programs. This year we have added more AP and Honors courses, created a dynamic new pathway with our hydroponic freight farm, expanded our concurrent enrollment and CTE opportunities, set new standards around student involvement and participation, highlighted the leadership of kids in every program and stepped up to the challenge of recognizing and appreciating the unique interests and abilities of every student.

As you can imagine, it is a challenge to do all of these things in a school of 2,325 students, 185 faculty  and thousands of family members. We are in the midst of, and our kids are growing up in some of the most interesting times I can remember. We are truly committed to developing individual and multiple levels of support for every student which is an incredibly meaningful but equally daunting task. In that effort, we request your continued support and patience. There will be hurdles along the way for everyone but we feel it is so important that occasionally our kids learn to “fail forward.” Developing skills in perseverance, resiliency, understanding multiple perspectives and self-advocacy are as important as the more visible GPA’s and transcripts. We truly appreciate all of our stakeholders who model and support their kids in developing these traits. As we have repeated often, high school can be one of the most exciting, memorable, fun and difficult times in life. That said, I am grateful that our kids are at Mountain Vista High School for that journey! We are off to a great start and are optimistic that this will be the best year ever at MVHS.

Michael Weaver
Proud to be a Golden Eagle

Posted on Oct 15, 2017 - 10:02am

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