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The Speech and Debate team is hosting an interest meeting Tuesday, Aug. 22 from  3-4  p.m. in U312. Everyone is welcome.​

Posted on Aug 16, 2017 - 10:26am


Dear Mountain Vista Families, Parents and Community,

I wanted to take a minute and pass along a few thoughts as we kick-off the first full week of classes of the 2017-18 school year at Mountain Vista. We are ready for another incredible year.  After several weeks of preparation it will be great to have the kids back in the building: 2,358 kids, 184 staff members, and an entire school community ready for 10 months of action-packed fun! As I watch our students and staff prepare for the pending first days of school, it is obvious why/how MVHS has emerged as the most outstanding high school in Colorado and I am extremely proud to be a part of Vista Nation! Please take a minute to review a couple of “housekeeping” items below:

  1. TRAFFIC — Enough said, right. As always, it is an ongoing issue for us and for Mountain Ridge. Please be patient when dropping off/picking up; plan ahead, consider possible carpool options, and remember you can drop off on the west side of the building. Pay close attention to the new lane alignments at intersections. Parking lot adjustments two years ago helped but we are still increasingly limited in terms of lot space. With our highest enrollment ever and having had a couple of our bus routes eliminated, we are anticipating even more cars to the process. Around 820 student parking permits have been assigned (only seniors and juniors with forms, fees paid, valid license will/can receive a permit, based on availability) and staff parking has been spread around the campus — with some additional staff lot expansion pending.  As both schools continue to grow, so will our traffic issues. Please try to understand that everyone is doing all they can to make it safe and semi-efficient.
  1. SCHEDULES AND COUNSELING APPOINTMENTS — All schedule adjustments or changes will be made by appointment only. No lines or drop-ins will be allowed. Request forms can be filled out and students will then receive a pass to report to Counseling to discuss schedules. Any student with a “See Counselor” message or major schedule issues will take initial priority. Based on our numbers and space available; period, teacher, lunch, etc. requests may be very difficult to complete. Counselors will also be available from 3-4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 16 to meet with kids who have discovered an issue after the first few days of class.
  1. DRESS CODE — Dress code concerns are a yearly (daily) issue. We certainly understand the trends of the day and do not want to serve as the fashion police on an hourly basis. We do need to remind everyone that we will enforce dress code issues if clothing is determined to be inappropriate for school. The District’s Dress Code is detailed in the Student Code of Conduct and all of our kids will be reminded at the beginning of the year about Vista’s specific dress-code approach. We are committed to handling any reminders discreetly and respectfully and will have Vista clothing available if needed. Please have a conversation with your student(s) with that in mind and help in assuring that what the kids wear everyday is appropriate for school.
  1. COMMUNICATION — Start this week! Discuss the day, get to know the school website, create a plan to check teacher sites and support your kids in advocating for themselves proactively. Use social media for good. All of our social media addresses and accounts are available at Quite a bit of information is available in real time from our amazing journalism program website Also, Twitter — @vista_now — and Facebook — mountainvistaonline — are great ways to stay in the loop! (My Twitter is @MVHSPrincipalMW. My goal is 2,500 followers by September. I need 500 so please follow me, too.)
  1. SCHOOL PICTURES — Wednesday, August 16 is make-up picture day for anyone who did not have their photo taken at registration. This also provides students with an ID card that will be required at various events and games.
  1. GET INVOLVED — We would love for 100 percent of our students and families to be a part of all the amazing opportunities at Mountain Vista outside the classroom. Actively explore, as we feel we have something to offer for just about every interest or ability!

Thanks again for helping make Mountain Vista such an incredible place. We appreciate all of the support and involvement.  Here is to an amazing year!

Proud to be a Golden Eagle,

Michael Weaver, Principal

Posted on Aug 12, 2017 - 12:14pm


Thursday, Aug. 17 from 3-5 p.m. in the commons.
Posted on Aug 11, 2017 - 10:15am


Each year, issues come up regarding current fashion trends and student dress. As you can imagine, enforcing a reasonable student dress code with 2,400 kids is an ongoing struggle and an always moving target!

At MVHS we have taken a fairly liberal approach, understanding that for the past several years, fashion trends and the clothes available to our kids challenge many of the expectations of traditional dress codes. That said, in the spring we noticed that our kids were pushing the limits of even our interpretation of the District Dress Code (Policy JICA) which is the purpose of this communication.

Without creating a lengthy individual policy or a list of things students cannot do, we are, as a starting point letting our kids and families know that we all need to be more aware of school appropriate fashion and that we will be more consistent in supporting our students’ understanding of that definition this year. Please take a few minutes to discuss this with your students as we get the year started.

We will be extremely respectful when requesting that a student come to the office in regard to a dress code issue. We will have “loaner” Vista gear available if a student’s dress is considered inappropriate for school. We will also review this with all of our kids during class meetings early in the year. Thanks for supporting your student and MVHS!

Posted on Aug 09, 2017 - 3:54pm

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