Study Skills

This site, sponsored by Dartmouth University, has links to various techniques a student can use to enhance his or her study habits and skills.
Sites to Promote Academic Success
Collection of websites that provide tips to help you study more effectively, manage your time, take better notes, and handle the stresses of college life.
Study Guides and Strategies
This very complete site has topics including study preparation, taking notes in lectures, effective study habits, testing techniques, writing, and reading skills. It is especially helpful to bilingual/ESL students in that many of these study guides and strategies are listed in a variety of other languages as well as in English.
Study Skills Self Help Information
Courtesy of Virginia Tech, here is a great list of tips and techniques for improving your study skills. Everything from note taking to how to stop procrastinating. Be sure to take the “Study Skills Checklist” to find out where you need to improve.
Study Strategies
This site from the University of Minnesota contains a study skills survey as well as information about time management, memorization, learning styles, and study techniques.
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