ACC/College Ready Classes

Catherine Ayers
  • ACC Intro to Archaeology
  • ACC Cultural Anthropology Website
Kent Allison
  • ACC CAD 255 – Solidworks/Mechanical Website
Meg Blaze
  • CE ENG 121 English Composition
  • CE LIT 115 Introduction To Literature Website
Sheri Bryant
  • Marketing II
  • CE MAR216-Principles of Marketing (pre-requisite for all upper level courses) 3 College Credits (must have completed Marketing I)
  • CE MAR160-Customer Service (CE MAR216 is pre-requisite) 3 College Credits (Fall Semester)
  • CE MAR235-Consumer Behavior (CE MAR160 is pre-requisite) 3 College Credits (Spring Semester) Website
Ed Collins
  • CE MAT 121 College Algebra
  • ACC College Trig Website
Blaine Haskell
  • ACC 121 Accounting Principles I
  • ACC 122 Accounting Principles II
  • ACC CIS 118 Introduction to PC Applications Website
Rhead Kinder
  • ACC BUS 115 Inroduction to Business
  • ACC BUS 203 Introduction to International Business Website

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