College and University Links

All About College
Links & e-mail addresses for colleges in the United States as well as some international locations.
Use this database to search for colleges by program, state, school type, sport, and school name.
Index to universities all over the world, organized by continent and country.
Christian College Mentor
The complete planning guide for those looking to attend a Bible or Christian college.
Guide to Jewish life on campus. Search for colleges around the world.
Natural Healers
Links to schools for learning massage therapy, acupuncture, aroma therapy, etc.
Private and Home School Friendly Colleges and Universities
This is a list of some colleges that have accepted home schooled students. If you don’t see a college or university that you want to apply to, contact them to find out about admissions for home schooled students.
U.S. Universities
List of U.S. universities, ordered alphabetically.
Women’s Colleges
Information about women’s colleges as well as links to their websites.
Yahoo Directory of U.S. Colleges and Universities
Directory of U.S. colleges and universities, including links to tribal colleges, historically black colleges, men’s colleges, women’s colleges, private colleges by state, public colleges by state, and community colleges.
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