Michael Weaver Principal  303.387.1504
Susie Durdy Administrative Assistant to Mike Weaver 303.387.1504

Assistant Principals

Rob Ceglie Assistant Principal/Activities Director 303.387.1512
Alan Long Assistant Principal 303.387.1512
Robert Peterson Assistant Principal 303.387.1734
Deanne McLendon Secretary to Rob Ceglie, Alan Long and Heidi Schuster 303.387.1512
Erika Reed
Secretary to Robert Peterson and Kevin Cary 303.387.1734


Blaine Haskell
Dean for Freshmen and Juniors 303.387.1528
Heidi Schuster-Beckman
Dean for Sophomores and Seniors 303.387.1519

Athletic Director

Pat McCabe
Athletic Director 303.387.1525
Erika WattErika Watt Athletic Secretary to Pat McCabe 303.387.1667
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