Open Campus

What is Open Campus?
It is the school’s policy that allows 12th, 11th, and 10th graders to leave campus when they do not have a scheduled class or another assigned MVHS obligation (i.e. CSAP, ACT, detention).

Who has access to Open Campus privileges?
Seniors, juniors, and sophomores in good standing have open campus privileges. It should be noted that students can have their privileges revoked at any time.

When will a student with open campus privileges be allowed to leave campus?
Students with open campus privileges can leave when they do not have a class or other MVHS obligation.

Under what circumstances will a student lose the privilege to leave the campus during an open period or lunch?
Students may lose open campus privileges because of disciplinary, attendance, or academic infractions at the discretion of the administration.

What happens if a student does not get back to campus on time and is late for a class or skips a class entirely?
It is considered an unexcused tardy or unexcused absence. Students are responsible for missed work and course credit may be in jeopardy. In addition, open campus privileges can be revoked.

When a student has an open period and does not have an assigned class, where can he/she go to remain on campus?
Students can utilize either the Commons, school study hall, or the Library Media Center. Students will not be allowed in academic areas.

How long do students have for lunch?
The MVHS schedule allows students 45 minutes for lunch on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. Students have 50 minutes on Wednesday and Thursday. It should be noted that no food or drink, aside from water, will be allowed in the classrooms.

What options exist for lunches if a student chooses to remain on the campus for lunch?
Lunch options at the school will include Subway, pizza (from a variety of vendors), salad bar, Berry Blend smoothies, Crowfoot coffee, Dreyer’s ice cream, as well as the daily nutrition services menu.

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