Ultimate Frisbee Team


To develop character and physical fitness through practicing the sport of Ultimate Frisbee.


The Ultimate Frisbee Team is a co-ed club open to players of all levels. Even if you’ve never thrown a disc before we can teach you. Ultimate Frisbee (or simply Ultimate) is a non-contact disc sport. Central to Ultimate Frisbee is the “Spirit of the Game” — competition without sacrificing fair play. For example, players call their own fouls even in championship-level games.
We have a competition-level team that plays other high schools in the area. Consistent participants in the club are welcome to play on the team.
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Tuesdays and Fridays, 3-4:30 p.m., Red-tail Park


Austin Sack and Drew Kessel


Michael Christofferson


Co-Sponsor mchristofferson@dcsdk12.org
Ben Westlund
Co-Sponsor ben.westlund@dcsdk12.org
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